All Fizzle, No Sizzle–Part I

It’s Sunday!  Sunday means it’s time to watch the latest installment of We Got Married!  I was really surprised when I first started getting into Korean pop culture to realize that Korean celebrities really can’t have relationships out in the open.  When they get engaged, they have to apologize to their fans and ask for their understanding, as if it’s a great crime to fall in love and get married.  When a celebrity is caught dating, it’s a scandal.  We Got Married seems to be an acceptable way to let celebrities and k-pop idols date, because it’s all arranged and fictional.  Two celebrities get paired up and act like they’re married.

My impression of We Got Married is that it’s often used for image-making and publicity.  Got a womanizing idol?  Put him on WGM.  Got a fresh new actress?  Pair her with someone really popular on WGM to get her name out there.  Even knowing the nature of the game, some of the couples really make me wish they would start dating in real life.  On the flip side, some seem really reluctant to be paired with their “spouse”, and their chemistry seems extremely lacking.

Here are the first FIVE of my TOP TEN picks for most awkward We Got Married spouses.  Be forewarned, this might make some shippers unhappy…

10.  Taecyeon and Emma Wu (aka Gui Gui)


One of the most touching things about this season of the WGM spinoff Global We Got Married was Taiwanese actress Gui Gui’s heart-wrenching sobs when she and K-pop idol Taecyeon ended their virtual marriage, but I also had to wonder why it was she was crying so hard when they could barely communicate with one another.  Add to that the fact that everything she did seemed to embarrass Taecyeon.  They weren’t a bad couple, but my overall impression was that Taecyeon is a smooth talker who delivered what was asked from him without actually experiencing any real affection for his WGM partner.

9.  Choi Siwon and Liu Wen


Brief admission here: I never finished watching Liu Wen and Siwon on We Are In Love (the Chinese spinoff of WGM).  I got too frustrated partway through.  And not just out of jealousy because I think Siwon’s hilarious and too pretty to be true.  From what I saw, model Liu Wen was just too shy and inexperienced to be on a dating show.  Siwon was trying to move things forward the best he could, but he turned into a bit of a nag, constantly trying to get her to open up to him.  But I don’t know…it could have all turned out fine.  Maybe I’ll watch someday and see.

8.  Hong Jong Hyun and Yura


Another case of too shy, too slow, except in this case it was the girl that kept trying to move forward and the guy who was avoiding.  Model/Actor Hong Jong Hyun was quiet and awkward, and seemed to never quite know what to do with Girl’s Day idol Yura.  Her brightness kept their couple watchable, and she seemed to be willing to offer a lot of excuses for his behavior without complaint.   I also found this couple interesting because they weathered a scandal where it was suggested that Jong Hyun was dating Orange Caramel/After School singer Nana while on the show with Yura.  I’m still vaguely suspicious about that whole business–it’s entirely possible that Jong Hyun was so awkward in showing affection to Yura because he didn’t want to piss his REAL girlfriend off.

7. Henry Lau and Yewon


I actually thought this couple was fairly compatible, but they got sunk by circumstances.  Soon after Super Junior M’s Henry and Jewelry’s Yewon were paired up, she got involved in a situation with another reality show she was on where she got cursed out for being disrespectful to a senior actress.  The show tried to salvage the situation with some sweet scenes of Henry comforting a tearful Yewon and being supportive of her, but alas, it was only a matter of time before it came to an abrupt end.  Interestingly enough, even before her issues, I felt like they might not last.  Canadian-raised Henry was rather aggressive in their relationship, and they kissed early and often.  Most couples (especially those with young k-pop idols) take a long time to warm up physically to each other.  Yewon initially seemed to feel very awkward about all the affection, but then she went along with it maybe a little too eagerly.  One way or the other, they didn’t last long and didn’t even get a real goodbye.

6. Julien Kang and Yoon Se-Ah


Insecure + insincere + cultural differences=this couple.  They had their moments, but the playing field never seemed to be quite level.  It seemed like Se-Ah felt like she wasn’t quite up to par for Julien, and Julien seemed unable to shake his image to be fully involved in their fake marriage.  They never achieved a good understanding of one another, in my opinion.  Julien seemed very cautious to get too close to Se-Ah, which made him seem disingenuous.  She ended up seeming more like an older sister to Julien, which made their parting, which was manufactured to be romantic, just seem surreal.

Want more?  Stay tuned for part 2: TOP FIVE!


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