All Man Monday

One of the things that I love about Korean Drama is the shameless display of abs.  There are no such standard on American television, which is much more about female T & A.  But KDrama and KPop loves them some chocolate abs.  (Isn’t that a much better term than “six-pack abs”?  Who doesn’t love chocolate, after all?)

So, for a Monday burst of energy, allow me to present a KDrama cliche’–the gratuitous shower scene.  The male lead (or second male lead) stands in the shower, struggling through some deep, internal conflict, and the audience gets to see his solemn face for a brief moment, and then we get to see his abs, dripping with water.


All Man Monday is presented today by Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), lead alien in the drama everyone should see, My Love From Another Star.  That wacky, ripped alien not only likes a nice earth shower, but he enjoys doing it in a full-length towel, too.  Which begs the question–doesn’t the towel just get waterlogged and fall off anyway?



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