All Confusion

Cheese in the Trap is driving me crazy.


I usually try to wait until a drama is over or almost over before I start watching it, because I like a new episode to be available to watch whenever I want.  I don’t like having to wait a week for a new episode.  But I started watching this drama when episode 6 came out, and now I’m stuck waiting for a new episode.  This is made all the more maddening since I don’t have a stable ‘ship!


Usually I develop a preference pretty quickly for the coupling done on a show, or I can feel who the producers want me to root for.  I’m usually not surprised by the ending, and if there seems to be the chance of a surprise, I’ll spend the entire episode chanting “don’t screw this up!”  But I don’t know who I want Hong Sul to end up with.


When Hong Seol and Yoo Jung started dating, I was all about it.  But the more that came out about Yoo Jung, the less I liked him, and the more I started to favor Baek In Ho.  Yoo Jung’s involvement in setting Hong Seol’s stalker, Oh Young Gon, after her was really difficult to justify.  But he always seemed to reveal a little bit of vulnerability and genuine emotion which kept me invested.  I pitied him, and the fact that he manipulated people instead of directly getting involved seemed somehow easier to forgive.

Then I watched Episode 12.  Finding out that he set Baek In Ho up to get in trouble and stood aside and watched while his hand was smashed, effectively ending his dream of being a concert pianist, made me jump his ship SO QUICK.  How could such a thing be forgiven?  How could that be seen as a petty revenge?

My outrage didn’t survive the episode.  Seeing Yoo Jung’s devastation at Baek In Ho’s casual betrayal of their friendship and his father setting him up made me feel for him again.  In some ways, I feel that the cards are stacked against him in a way that others can’t understand, and that he’s never had the opportunity to trust someone.


My prediction is that Hong Seol will end up with Yoo Jung, and I’m tentatively shipping it.  Despite his problematic actions, my prediction hangs on only one thing: I don’t think he has a chance of becoming human without Seol.  Baek In Ho has issues, too, but he doesn’t need Seol to work those issues out.  Yoo Jung needs someone he can trust who cares about him.

This drama continues to frustrate me and hook me at the same time.  I’m pretty sure I’m the mouse to this Cheese.


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