All Classic

In the corner of the world known as the internet, it’s Throwback Thursday.  In honor of this tradition based on nothing more than alliteration and people’s desire to show their cute baby pictures, I will do a little k-drama throwback with a classic drama you should watch.


Today’s recommendation: 2010’s Secret Garden.

Secret Garden ranks in my top ten dramas of all time.  Seriously a favorite.  Rich and arrogant, Kim Joon Won (Hyun Bin) is the heir to a department store fortune.  He meets standoffish, independent stuntwoman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), and is strangely attracted to her. She fascinates him, but he can’t understand it–she is, after all, just one of the underclass he is used to ignoring.  They find themselves bound together–quite literally–when a mysterious potion makes them switch bodies.  Gil Ra Im must pretend to be Kim Joo Won and vice versa, bringing them into each other’s worlds.

This is an “against the odds” relationship.  They shouldn’t work, but they do.  Their chemistry is good, and they seem to make sense together.  This drama was very popular in 2010, and became a part of the cultural zeitgeist–especially two unique drama kisses–the sit-up kiss and the much parodied foam kiss, most famously challenged by Big Bang’s TOP and G-Dragon.


G-Dragon makes a passable Gil Ra Im, right?

Great actors, great stories, just enough twists and turns, and iconic imagery make Secret Garden a great classic drama.


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