Taecyeon Talk

Sometimes I feel that I’ve been involved in all things Korean long enough that I’ve watched some of these idol groups grow up.  Weren’t they just rookies a blink of an eye ago?  With their hyper-enthusiastic greetings and their befuddlement on variety shows?  And now they’ve moved out of their company-owned dorms, and embarked on solo projects.

Case in point: Ok Taecyeon.  Not just a part of 2 PM anymore; he does variety shows and acts, too.  He’s a totally different actor than he was when he took on the JYP-helmed Dream High.  He actually, well…kind of ACTS now.

My favorite Taec is Three Meals a Day derp Taec, tho.

After watching two Taecyeon-starring dramas back-to-back, it was clear that he’s only as strong as the material he’s given.  The creepily-named Touching You was largely forgettable (if I hadn’t written stuff down I would have forgotten it existed already), while the clearly superior Let’s Fight Ghost was actually fun.

Let’s start by talking about Taecyeon’s drama My Extended TonyMoly Commercial.  Or Touching You.  Perhaps it should have been named Touching Your Skin with a Relaxing Facial Mist by TonyMoly.  It’s subtle, guys, but there MIGHT have been some product placement in this one.

“What are you looking at?  Haven’t you seen a guy mop up Tony Moly Wonder Cheese Firming Cream before?”


The premise is that somehow, Taecyeon’s character Do Jin Woo can see the future when he touches someone.  He touches Jin Hee Young (Song Ha Yoon) and sees her death.  So what do you do when you see a perfect stranger dying?  Why, you put on glasses to disguise your identity and sign on as a part-time worker at the shop where she works so you can change her future and make sure she doesn’t die.  Of course.

The list of problems is a mile long with this drama, including plot holes (why don’t you recognize him with glasses?), a totally predictable plot, a villain that practically had “I’m the villain!” written in huge letters on his back, and zero chemistry between the leads.  I think lack of chemistry might actually be written into any idol contract: “You may kiss, but under no circumstances may you open your mouth or move your head.  All eye contact must be slightly awkward.” It does keep the fangirls happy when they believe that Oppa won’t be able to love fully until he meets them.

However, it was quick, lighthearted, and I’m pretty sure watching this drama will clear blemishes and make your skin 60% more elastic just by watching it.

Tomorrow: Part II: Let’s Fight Ghost and the Ghost Net gang (the best nerdy sidekicks since The X-Files’ Lone Gunmen).


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